Speech pathology

Speech Bubbles And 3d Characters Shows Discussion And GossipSpeech Pathologists specialise in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of a range of communication, language and speech delays or disorders. The Speech Pathologists at Annie’s Centre are able to provide assessment, therapy, management and support for a range of communication difficulties. These communication difficulties may range from children who are not able to communicate verbally, to those that have language difficulties and are find it hard to learn words and put sentences together to those that may only have difficulty with some speech sounds being difficult to understand. Regardless of whether the communication difficulty is due to a known condition such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or of unknown cause, Speech Pathology is vital to help both the parents and carers understand and learn how to support their child’s communication and for the children themselves to get support to help their communication skills develop.

Our Speech Pathologists are at the top of their profession. They have undertaken extensive professional development including certification in the evidence based Hanen programs or undertaking a PhD.

A referral is not necessary to see a Speech Pathologist at Annie’s Centre, you are welcome to email info@anniescentre.com directly to make an appointment.

Some of the specific difficulties managed are;

  • Language delays/disorders
  • Speech sound delays/disorders or Articulation problems
  • Verbal dyspraxia
  • Stuttering
  • Hearing impairment
  • Pre literacy skills
  • Literacy skills

Communication difficulties due to a range of disorders or conditions such as Autism or Global Developmental Delay.

At Annie’s Centre, Speech Pathology provides assessment and intervention for all of the above for any children or adolescents as well as;

  • Intensive literacy support using the MULTILIT program
  • Hanen parent programs to target language development for ‘late talkers’ and for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Therapy for Alternative and Augmentative Communication (including PECS and Proloquo2Go)
  • Therapy to address social skill difficulties in language
  • Consultation to the centre’s team of Psychologists and Early Intervention Consultants in the development of Early Intervention and Behaviour Therapy programs
  • Consultation to school professionals via attendance at school meetings and liaison with teachers/school staff regarding students’ communication support needs

School based Speech Pathology services may also be provided. To arrange an at-school consultation for your child, please contact us at info@anniescentre.com the centre.

Please contact our Centre at info@anniescentre.com for further details about or to register your interest in our Speech Pathology services.

Referrals are not required to access support from our Speech Pathologists. However you may wish to consider whether you are entitled to rebates or benefits from government programs or private health insurers to offset your expenses.