School support

idea-light-bulb-on-blackboard-vector_GkKiBgP_School based services include:

  • Social skills support – e.g., shadowing and coaching in the playground, on excursions, school sports.
  • In class behaviour and academic support- e.g., shadowing and coaching.
  • Consultation with teachers and staff-e.g., program development and making recommendations for learning support strategies.
  • Developing learning support or social skills programs for implementation in the classroom or on the playground.

Our clinicians are experienced in working closely with teachers, learning/pastoral support and school leadership to extend your child’s in-clinic work and/or make recommendations for additional support needs in the school environment. When school and learning are the key areas of concern, we recommend a school observation to obtain additional information about how your child is functioning in the school environment (socially, behaviourally and academically) and their ability to make use of any existing school-based strategies. The aim of any school shadowing or coaching sessions that might be offered is to provide discreet assistance to facilitate integration of skills into the class and school community and to develop the individual’s confidence and independence.

Please contact our Centre at for further details about or to register your interest in our School Support services.

Referrals are not required to access these services. However, you may wish to consider whether you are entitled to rebates or benefits from government programs or private health insurers to offset your expenses.