Reading programs

It can be frustrating and difficult for both children and their families when a child has difficulty developing their reading skills. Regardless of whether it is difficulties from the start when learning to read or just difficulty keeping up with the pace and progress of the rest of the class, there is support that can be provided. Reading difficulties are generally assessed by the Speech Pathologists at Annie’s Centre. Pre-reading skills can be assessed as well as a reading assessment carried out to gain a view of where a child’s reading skills are in relation to what is expected for their age. If a reading difficulty is identified, an intervention program can be offered for children of any age.

Annie’s centre offers the Macquarie University developed and research based MultiLit program (Making Up for Lost Time in Literacy) which can be suitable for any child from a Kindergarten level. Annie’s Centre also offers the more advanced program of MultiLit Word Attack Skills Extension program for those that have progressed beyond the original MultiLit program or those who develop difficulties with higher level reading. Click here for more information on MultiLit.

Please contact our Centre at for further details about or to register your interest in reading support services.

Referrals are not required to access reading support. However, you may wish to consider whether you are entitled to rebates or benefits from government programs or private health insurers to offset your expenses.