Support for Medical Practitioners (GPs, Paediatricians, Psychiatrists)

Annie’s Centre understands that we have two main customer groups:


    • the families who access our services
    • the medical practitioners who refer to our centre and who we recommend families see

We believe that our relationship with GP’s, Paediatricians and Psychiatrists is about more than making and receiving referrals.  We know that medical professionals require clear and frequent communication about their patients in order to best assist in planning appropriate treatment and access to services.  We aim to provide the highest quality in both our oral and written communication with Doctors.

Equally, given our expertise on specific areas within child health and development, we believe it is important to share information with medical practitioners regarding the most evidence based approaches to the assessment and treatment of various child and adolescent presentations e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), anxiety disorders, oppositional behaviour, reading disorders and programs and language and communication disorders.  We remain in frequent contact with GP’s and other medical professionals regarding our services, new programs on offer and the latest research on the disorders we assess and treat.

Annie’s Centre also offers accredited training courses for GP’s, Paediatricians and Psychiatrists. For example, many medical practitioners attend training in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnostic assessment tools: the ADOS-2 and the ADI-R or courses such as “Assessment, Diagnosis and Management of Anxiety Disorders in Children”.

Visit our page workshops and training to read more about our training courses for medical practitioners or email us at for further information.

How can you refer patients to us?

GPs, Paediatricians and Psychiatrists can refer patients under mental health care plans, chronic disease management plans or Autism assessment and treatment plans for services that receive a Medicare rebate.

Please note that, as we are a child and family service, we do see parents only during the initial consultation for Psychology services.  Speaking with parents without their child present is important as it allows them to speak freely and comfortably about their concerns for their child/ adolescent and for the Psychologist to take a complete and detailed family history.  Parents cannot claim a medicare rebate for their initial consultation session unless their medical practitioner believes that such a plan is appropriate for the parent(s) and sees fit to provide a care plan/referral in the parent’s name as well as one for their child/adolescent.  Please see our Fees and Rebates page for more information.

Please contact us at to make a referral or to discuss our services in further detail.