National Guidelines for Autism Diagnosis: Help or Hindrance?

Having publicly praised the initiative and work leading up to the release of the National Guidelines for diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I had high expectations.  I viewed them with hope.  I thought they might help tidy up the current mess that is ASD diagnosis.  Mis-diagnosis of ASD is rife.  Huge variation exists across clinicians […]

What’s in a Temperament?

You wish you understood your child’s temperament. Maybe, not all the time, just in some certain circumstances, like: when you inadvertently destroy their morning by giving them Weetbix when it’s CLEARLY “RICE BUBBLES” DAY! (cue sobbing). If your first response to these situations is ‘stop, drop and roll’, or maybe, ‘fight fire with fire’, we […]

Why choose a Psychologist?

  When you catch a virus, you usually go and see your General Practitioner, get some antibiotics and a couple of days later you generally start to feel better. It’s a process that most of us are familiar with. We find it straightforward. But when it comes to tackling your child’s difficulties, whether they are […]

Timely call from the Australian Medical Association on Autism assessment and early intervention

The launch of this critical position statement from the Australian Medical Assiciation (AMA) is most welcome. It is also timely given that the annual conference for the Australasian Society for Autism Research (ASfAR) begins in Perth tomorrow. Again, across both the clinical and scientific communities we are hearing repeated calls for: 1. Earlier detection of […]

Theatre Performance – Kaleidoscope

Annie’s Centre is pleased to share information about an autism-friendly performance, “Kaleidoscope”, that is showing at Sydney Festival in January. The performance is inspired by the experiences of Ethan, a boy who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. On stage, Ethan is joined by five circus performers and together they explore the beauty of his world […]