What’s in a Temperament?

You wish you understood your child’s temperament. Maybe, not all the time, just in some certain circumstances, like: when you inadvertently destroy their morning by giving them Weetbix when it’s CLEARLY “RICE BUBBLES” DAY! (cue sobbing). If your first response to these situations is ‘stop, drop and roll’, or maybe, ‘fight fire with fire’, we […]

Top 5 List for Reading for the school holiday

Written by Sarah Welling, Receptionist. Please enjoy and share our Top 5 list for school holiday reading: Top 5 story books that target confidence building in kids: 1. Baby Tiger by Susan Hellard 2. A Very Proper Fox by Jan Fearnley 3. Wanda’s First Day by Mark Sperring 4. Silly Billy by Anthony Browne 5. […]

Top 5 (Free!) Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids

Written by Dean Spirou, Senior Behaviour Therapist and Early Intervention Consultant 1. Deliberately schedule in some one-on-one time Sounds straight forward but how often do we really spend uninterrupted one-on-one time with our children?  Children crave our undivided attention.  Deliberately scheduling in individual time with them is one of the best ways to build a […]

Top 5 Tips for Getting Children Back into the School Routine

​​Written by: Emma Ballantyne, Senior Behaviour Therapist and Early Intervention Consultant Are you still feeling like it is hard getting on top of the school routines now that Term 1 is underway? Here are our Top 5 suggestions for ways get back on track: 1. Plan ahead. Work out what needs to be done, what’s […]

Screen time vs the world

I have a confession to make. When my kids were younger, I relied on DVDs to the extent that I joked that my sanity was sponsored by Pixar.  Lately my kids have disappeared with the iPad to watch and play all things Minecraft related, while I escape into my own social world of bloggers, Facebook […]

Engaging the Disinterested Reader

Understanding the disinterested reader I recall with fond memories time spent as a child listening to my mother read from her favourite childhood books – The Far Away Tree series. Each night before bed, my Mum would come into the room, which my brother and I shared, and read a chapter from each of the […]