Safer Social Media

Top 5 Tips for Parents to Ensure Safer Social Media use by Teens Written by Shristy Bastola, Senior Behaviour Therapist and Early Intervention Consultant Tuesday 9th February, 2016 is “Safer Internet Day”. Here are our Top 5 suggestions for ways to support and encourage safer social media use. 1. Befriend your teen! E.g., befriend them […]

Screen time vs the world

I have a confession to make. When my kids were younger, I relied on DVDs to the extent that I joked that my sanity was sponsored by Pixar.  Lately my kids have disappeared with the iPad to watch and play all things Minecraft related, while I escape into my own social world of bloggers, Facebook […]

Engaging the Disinterested Reader

Understanding the disinterested reader I recall with fond memories time spent as a child listening to my mother read from her favourite childhood books – The Far Away Tree series. Each night before bed, my Mum would come into the room, which my brother and I shared, and read a chapter from each of the […]

Kids in the East magazine awards: Vote for Annie’s Centre!

Annie’s Centre is being nominated for an award with Kids in the East magazine and website under the “Best Family Customer Service Experience” category.  As the name suggests, Kids in the East, is a magazine and website catering to parents in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.  The details for the voting page can be found here . If you […]