Why Choose Us?

“We strive to offer quality consultation and to work collaboratively with all people involved in caring for children: parents, carers, teachers and health professionals.”

We are totally committed to:Puzzle Solved And 3d Characters Shows Team And Teamwork

  • Taking time to develop a complete understanding of the child and their difficulties.
  • An honest approach to communication with you – if we don’t know, we’ll tell you and then we’ll also tell you how we should fill that gap (e.g., consult/refer with other professionals and which professionals).
  • Clear goal setting and a step by step approach that acknowledges the complexity of the concern but helps structure the family’s priorities.
  • Involving parents in their child’s treatment.  We know from evidence and clinical experience that this is the best way to see a child improve.
  • Evidence based assessment and treatment.  We only adopt interventions that have a good and solid basis in sound scientific research.
  • Regular evaluation of progress by way of regular review with families, schools and/or other professionals working with you.
  • High quality professionals in our team.  Our professionals make sure that they are fully certified with the highest qualifications in whatever treatments and services they offer.

Our centre is unique because it provides:

  • Collaboration across disciplines within the team (Psychology, Speech Pathology, Behaviour Therapy/ Early Intervention).  Our professionals can offer you their individual expertise as well as liaise with other professionals in the team to give you more comprehensive opinions and care.
  • Multidisciplinary assessments and treatment.  Where appropriate, families can access joint sessions with two or more therapists (e.g., see Speech Pathologist and Early Intervention Consultant together).
  • Cost savings by having multiple disciplines in one location.  You can save time and, therefore, money by coming to one location for your allied health and early intervention needs rather than visiting different professionals across Sydney in separate locations and risking lack of continuity in care.

Annie’s Centre was created by Dr Anne Chalfant to provide high quality, well-integrated care for children with complex needs and their supporters. It is a rare case when a child has a problem that can be addressed by working with that child alone, looking at just one aspect of difficulty. For example, a child who seems to have trouble concentrating at school might actually have learning difficulties that require reading support, accommodations at school to reduce frustration, psychological support to manage related feelings of anxiety and poor self-esteem and a change in parenting approach to encourage new behaviours. A child who appears socially isolated from classmates may need to learn specific social skills from a behaviour therapist, overcome some social anxiety with support from a psychologist, practice new skills with peers in a structured and coached environment and ongoing support and coaching by parents and teachers. To that end, Annie’s Centre prioritises:

  1. A comprehensive assessment process to develop an accurate understanding of the child’s difficulties and the reasons behind them
  2. Building a team of experienced specialists who can collaborate to address those concerns, if required.”

Please contact us at info@anniescentre.com for more information about our services or to arrange an appointment with one of our professionals.