Hanen ® is a charitable organisation started and based in Toronto, Canada, over 35 years ago. The aim of the centre is to provide training and programs for Speech Pathologists so that they are able to, in turn, provide training to parents, caregivers and early childhood educators in order to teach them how to develop children’s language and social interaction skills. The Hanen® approach is for parents to facilitate language development in naturalistic, everyday situations and through child focused play.

We have a Hanen ® trained and accredited Speech Pathologist within our team who can offer either group or individual support to families using the Hanen ® programs.

It Takes Two to Talk ®

The It Takes Two to Talk ® program is aimed at developing the language of young children who have not yet started talking or are slow to develop their language (i.e., have been identified as having a language delay). Aimed at children under 5 years of age, the program aims to teach parents and caregivers skills to maximise communication opportunities for their child and teach techniques parents can use every day in ‘real life’ situations to help develop their child’s language. The program is suitable for all children under 5 with language delay regardless of whether or not there is an identified reason for the delay (i.e., regardless of whether or not they have a diagnosis).

More than Words ®

The More than Words ® program is designed for parents of children under 5 years of age with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The aim of the program is to equip parents with the skills they need in order to help develop their child’s social interaction, communication and language skills. The program looks to give parents the skills they need to help develop their child’s communication skills in their ‘real life’ environments and situations as opposed to only working on skills in a ‘clinic’ or ‘therapy’ environment.

TalkAbility ®

The TalkAbility ® program is designed for verbal children above 3 years of age who have significant social interaction or social communication difficulties (this can include children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, a child does not need a diagnosis to benefit from the program. This program also aims to work with parents in order to teach them the best techniques to help develop their child’s social interaction skills. Click here for more information on the TalkAbility ® program.

For more information on Hanen ® or the Hanen ® programs you can also visit the Hanen ® website at www.hanen.org